Guinness world record jive Cheltenham

World record jive cheltenham
That’s me in the yellow anorak!

World record jive Cheltenham

The Guinness world record for the number of people jiving simultaneously was set in Cheltenham on Sunday 10th August 2014. I was there with the Ola Samba band to busk on the streets after the event.

Special classes had been laid on to train new dancers: Gloucestershire echo.

In the late 90s I used to go to jazz jive and lindy hop classes with JazzJiveSwing. I spent a few years going to lessons and dances and then decided to stop for a bit to see if I could come back stronger. Only I never did the coming back bit.

The thought had crossed my mind that I should be taking part in this event but I couldn’t remember any of the moves.

Heavy rain had been forecast and it arrived as predicted. No one seemed to care though! When I arrived they were making the last minute announcements and confirmed that they had more than 1000 people present (something like 1040 if I remember correctly).

I was walking past the entrance gate with my camera when they shouted “come on in, there’s 2 minutes to go” and I got caught up in the spirit of the moment. Once I had a sticker and was inside I looked round for a partner. I’ve no idea what my partner’s name was but she started showing me a basic move which I struggled to follow and then, suddenly, I was doing the moves I remembered from 10 years ago. I kept finding more moves and some of them made my partner scream….in a good way.

After 5 minutes of dancing in the rain and right over a big puddle the announcement was made that we’d all danced for five minutes and there were more than 1000 of us. A short while later they confirmed that the record had been set.

World record jive Cheltenham
My dance partner and I. Elated!

Good times, I felt inspired to go and do some more classes. I’ve no idea how I’ll fit it in around tango, samba, yoga and pilates.

Cheltenham samba
Cheltenham samba

From the Cheltenham Dance Festival Facebook page: “Here is the moment we excitedly found out from the Guinness World Records Official Adjudicator that Cheltenham had secured the brand new title for the most people jiving simultaneously!”

Guinness world record jive cheltenham
Guinness world record!

Photos and write up in the Gloucestershire Echo including some video of the samba band.

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