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Another 100 mile weekend. Part 3 – Stroud mountain bike club ride.

Stroud mountain bike clubThis was ride number three on my 100 mile weekend. I’d covered 45km on Friday night, 61km on Saturday and was now finishing off on a ride round the local area with Stroud MBC. I hoped that the pace would be a bit slow; I was knackered after two tough rides.

The meeting point was the Ragged Cot pub near Minchinhampton. I set off late and only had half an hour to get there. I abandoned my scenic route and followed the obvious roads. That involved a big climb up from Stroud to Rodborough common. Luckily there was very little traffic around this early in the morning.

Once I was on the top of the common then my average speed picked up considerably and I reckoned I could make it there on time. I’d underestimated the extra hills on the top of Minchinhampton common so had to work a bit hard. I made it to the pub at three minutes past nine which was pretty good in my opinion. I’d never been on a Sunday ride with Stroud MBC before so I didn’t know if they would set off a 9am exactly or whether that was a loose target time. Turns out that it was the latter.

Selsley common mountain biking.

We set off at about 9:15am, following a route to Avening and up to Chavenage. On the first steep hill I was a bit faster than two riders but slower than one of the others who turned out to be a roadie. However, on the flat roads the pace was really high. I was experiencing that hateful situation where the bikes in front started to pull away ever so slightly so I had to turn up the effort by 5% and keep it there.

Garden of a hoarder.
We have a hoarder.

The route to Kingscote ticked off a missing piece of bridleway for me (a section I’d missed on the recce ride two weeks previously). I’d describe it as muddy.

From Kingscote we followed a new section of singletrack, climbed up past the barn and had another tiring road section to Nympsfield. Then we looped along the edge of the woods to Sesley common, a section I’d used on the Nailsworth It ride.

At this point someone said “so you’re probably going to nip back home now Tom” since we were nearby. The temptation was there but I had my target to meet so I stayed with the ride back to the finish via the cycle path to Nailsworth and the road climb up to Minchinhampton.

With the club ride done I took an easy ride back home with lanes along the edge of the common. I snuck in a descent down from the Winstones factory.

After spending the whole day talking about steps I found myself a new set on the route home. They’re not that steep but in a slightly damp condition and with a continuous curve they were quite entertaining.

Steps near Stroud

The route was 60km, 570m, 2100 Calories according to Garmin | Gpx.

Stroud Mountain Bike club route map

Weekend summary

Friday Saturday Sunday Total Previous
Garmin connect Garmin Garmin Garmin  3 3
Gpx gpx gpx gpx  3 3
Distance (km) 45 61.2 60.5 166.7 168
Moving time (hh:mm) 2:47 4:11 4:27 11:25 12:23
Elevation (Garmin corrected) (m) 590 726 570 1886 1687
Calories (Garmin guess) 1710 2170 2090 5970 5600
Av moving speed (km/h) 16.1 14.6 15.9  14.6 13.6
Max speed (km/h) 50.7 60.3 47.1  –