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Another 100 mile weekend. Part 1 – Noah’s Shop Ride

Daneway pub near Stroud.
Daneway pub

This was another weekend with three rides planned. I had covered 168km (104 miles) on the previous weekend over the space of three rides.

Ride number one was the Noah’s bike shop ride on Friday evening. The route sort of developed as we went along, so we rode up to Minchinhampton and then down the woods back into Chalford. We followed the canal path as far as the Daneway pub. In the dark and mist this was surprisingly entertaining. The bike lights picked out a twisting path through tight trees that emerged from the dark and mist.

We liked the descent in the woods so much that we did it twice. I had a vivid moment when I arrived a T junction with far more speed than I wanted. Somehow I managed to tail wag it off. There was also a big giggle with a steep bank back onto the canal path. The descent wasn’t a problem; the pitch black was the problem.

We followed some roads round to a great descent near France Lynch. With all riders feeling fresh we covered the ground at a good rate.

I was feeling so pumped up on the way home that I cycled up to the Winstone’s ice cream factory and tried out another descent that I’d been looking at on the map. Then I rode half way up the hill and continued home. I reached top speed down the road descent in Stroud, leaving a car behind at both sets of lights. That was amusing.

Map showing an off road ride near Stroud.Overall I felt in great shape physically. Which was nice.

I noticed that my front forks were not working properly on this ride. They were very harsh over small bumps. I reasoned that the six months since their servicing with no oil change had caused the issues.

Garmin connect says 45.00km, 590m, 16.1km/h moving speed, max speed 50.7 km/h and 1709 KCal.

Gpx file.