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Sanctum BristolSanctum Bristol blog update: this was my second visit to the Sanctum project in Bristol (read more about it in my first visit post). We called in on a Sunday evening and caught a few acts.

Jonni Slater delivered a very musical set of songs using a sequencer for the backing and adding live keys and guitar. I was really hoping I’d get to see something unusual and Domestic Sound Cupboard didn’t disappoint. They say “all music performed by the group is improvised with no use of pre-written or recorded materials.”. I found this very stimulating as they combined percussion, gongs, bells, trumpet, bass guitar, keyboards, vocals and live processing and effects. If you were feeling harsh then you could describe some of it as shapeless noise but then new shapes and musical moments would appear from nowhere. I liked it. I liked watched the audience sit through it with serious faces. Finally Iskri played a one hour solo set during which he won me over.

Sanctum is a lucky dip. You never know what you’ll get – I’ve seen twitter photos of djs, a pipe band, a pottery wheel based performance, men with laptops and effects units and the salvation army band. Go there with an open mind and see what you find.

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