Some Mudtrek Brechfa photos and videos

Mudtrek Brechfa accommodaiton.I’ve stayed at Mudtrek several times in the last two years. Jay and Nikki offer award winning catered accommodation in two barn conversions near to the Brechfa trails. I’ve done four ride weekends,  a training course with Matt Page a trail build visit and I called round in Christmas 2012 for a social ride.

I put together a route guide for the Brechfa trails a long time ago. The trails haven’t moved since then though. The red Gorlech trail, the black Raven and the blue trail (whatever it’s called) are all worth a trip. Don’t under estimate the blue either – ride it at speed and it has some of the best rollers and jumps. See the videos for evidence. Back in 2011 in pre-Mudtrek days I did a ride that we called The Brechfa Monster – this linked all of the trails together to give 45km of riding. The first attempt was abandoned due to severe ice on the trails about half way round. Brechfa trails info on MBWales.

Fat bike.

On each of the weekend visits we’ve done an epic ride straight from the barn conversions. These are known as “door to window” rides. They’re very similar to door to door rides apart from finishing at a window. Looking back, one of the most epic moments was reaching 55mph down the road near the radio masts. I didn’t realise it was that fast at the time – I just became aware that the bike felt a bit unstable and someone told me afterwards the speed on their gpx log.

Use to view gpx plots.

Feb 2012: 43km / 1160m gpx
Mudtrek Map 2012 Feb

Oct 2012 : 45km / 1340m gpx
Mudtrek Map 2012 Oct
March 2013: 47km / 1300m gpx
Mudtrek Map 2013 Feb Feb 2013 Brechfa trails: 40km / 1100m gpx Brechfa trails Mudtrek
Oct 2013: 50km  1370m gpx
Mudtrek Map 2013 Oct

I’ve been through my photos and picked some of my favourite Mudtrek moments

Sunset view Brechfa.

Brechfa drop.

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