Mondraker enduro 2015 round 1

Mondraker enduro 2015This was round 1 of the 2015 Mondraker enduro race series. It was organised by Red Kite events, well known for events like the Frozen Devil the winter xc series and road sportives.

For various reasons* I left my bike at home and spent a day walking around taking photographs with my trusty and slightly knackered Canon S90 camera. I own two of these and this one has a slightly fogged up lens that’s just visible in pictures with direct sun pointing at the camera. I’ve spend the last month reading camera reviews and I’ll soon be moving up a few sensor sizes but not to full SLR. Probably to a Canon G7X or something similar.

*nothing serious….I’m in three samba bands and the gigs and practices are filling a lot of my time including the Saturday of this weekend, I’ve also straightened my body out by not riding so often and so hard. I’ve also lost what little nerve I ever had.

There were five stages used on both days, all using the steep slopes at the Coed Trallwm trail centre. Food was provided by the Drover’s Rest.

My first impression of the quarry section of stages 1 and 2 was WTF! A steep ramp lead down to a bend on top of a ledge protected by a pile of bales. A steep step cut into sharp looking rocks then turned to the top of a steep ramp. After watching people riding down it I convinced myself that it was a bit of an illusion and the drops looked sort of alright. I’m sure that they would look steep again from the top. I saw a few riders opt for a walk assisted by the marshals.

This was a really laid back and inclusive event, with everyone clearly having a good time. I’m sure that a weekend riding stages like this would build confidence on ramps and off camber rooty trails. I saw a fair few crashes but no serious injuries occured. It would be wrong to assume that this only appealed to hardened down hill riders; it attracted a more mixed crowd with some clearly having a go at something new.

Some comments from the Facebook page

  • Phil Allum “amazing weekend’s racing at the Mondraker Enduro, even more amazed after yesterday’s buckaroo fest that I managed to stay on the bike today to finish 6th! As always it was giggles galore with the lads, just how it should be. Proper awesome.”
  • James Scott “So god damn brilliant. Stages 1 2 and 3 were huge fun and a great challenge. The fresh cut stuff was brilliant. Changed every run to keep you on your toes. With the hill available the gradient of those stages were ideal too, kept the flow going without having to pedal through boggy soft ground.”
  • James Robinson “awesome days and glad you paid the extra for the weather. Thanks. Absolutely loved it.”
  • David Goulson “brilliant weekend riding, great selection of trails. thanks all! #qecptrailcollective”

Mondraker Enduro r1 results.  More photos on Facebook. Write up on Chris Shroder’s blog, Drover’s cyclesSwinley bike hub and Enduro

I walked over 10 km during my photographic tour according to Garmin connect.

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