Tom’s healthy eating thoughts

This is a healthy eating work in progress…more info coming soon.

My advice is to avoid things at the top of this list and try to maximise those at the bottom of the list. In simplest terms avoid heavily processed foods. Also beware of the sugar content of some natural foods that appear to be healthy such as squeezed orange juice or dates.

  • Refined sugars (Livestrong, The Guardian)
  • Refined carbohydrates
  • Bad fats (processed food hydrogenated oils, trans fats)
  • Naturally occuring sugars (fructose in fruit)
  • Carbohydrates in vegetables
  • Good fats such as in nuts

I also recommend intermittent fasting, good quality sleep, regular low level exercise such as walking, endorphin raising activities like dance and music and yoga.

There’s some great information on the web and I haven’t read or reviewed enough of it yet. I found this blog by Sam Feltham very interesting on I also like the Suppversity blog. One other that I’m reading is the intensive dietary management website.

One thought on “Tom’s healthy eating thoughts”

  1. Good fat as in nuts. Nuts are fine, but it’s hard to live on nuts alone. There’s nothing wrong with saturated fat as in fat meat, cheese and so on and these add greatly to dietary satisfaction. Anyway, only some of the fat in meat etc., is saturated.

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