Bredon Hill mtb route

Bredon hill jump.These are photographs are from two rides that I did on Bredon hill in Worcestershire in the summer of 2013. The same route was followed each time and was invented by Tony Holmes. The map shows more bridleway descents that look worth an investigation.

From the first trip: “Anthony Holmes and myself spent just under two and a half hours on this ride. The weather and views were amazing. The hill isn’t particularly high but it does have something to look at in every direction.

The big ditch drop on top of the hill is one of the best features. The following descent has a brilliant jump created by the mud from a badger hole followed by a really fun section of single track. It widens out towards the bottom and even that is a great descent.”

Bredon hill sunset.

From the second trip: “We had eight riders raring to go at Beckford village hall at 7pm including some more from Malvern Cycle Sport. The UK heat wave had given us another excellent summer’s evening.

We followed the same route as last time (see map below).  The best features were still the big ditch drop on top of the hill and the descent from that point onwards. Best moment for me was using a mound to launch a jump and gaining about twice as much air as expected.”

Bredon hill sunset.

Bredon Hill mountain bike route

Route: 23km, 630m, moving speed 12.8km/h, max speed 58km/h! garmin | gpx .

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