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MBTomI set this blog up last week. I’ve got a big list of things to write about! I will be uploading articles regularly as I work through my ideas backlog.

I’m hoping that the blog will inspire riders to keep riding and working on becoming fitter and faster. This will be done with regular updates from MTB events I’ve gone out to ride. I’m aiming to be out there every weekend if possible. I love epic routes so I’ll be looking for long distance off-road events where I can. I also do a bit of lap racing from time to time.

There will be articles about how a reasonably fit but slightly overweight rider (blame beer) has worked to lose that weight, gain strength and become quicker. This will cover yoga, pilates, diet, rest and training (I don’t do much). I’ll give my thoughts on sports massage and acupuncture. There will also be coverage on skills training and ways to develop confidence and become faster. I’ve started to love riding even more now that I’ve focussed on improving. So hopefully I can transfer some of that enthusiasm over.

I love maps and routes so I’ll be adding gpx plots and write ups from places that I like riding. I enjoy taking photographs and making videos so you’ll get  a bit of that too. I’ve got a backlog of ride reports from places like the Lake District and Scotland to upload on this. Things like this: Red Kite Elan valley challenge write up.

I’ll also give some thoughts on bikes, clothing, tools, kit, maintenance. Take a look at the first aid article I wrote for MBSwindon.

So, it’s going to be a right mix of things. If I enjoy writing it then hopefully it will be interesting to read. Don’t be shy with your comments abuse. You can contact me via Twitter or the contact form on this website (feeds directly to my email).

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